Halloween Earrings You’ll Want to Wear

In this post, I've rounded up a collection of Halloween earrings you'll want to wear. I mean, they are so cute! You may even find some to go with the shirts in my post, Halloween Tees You'll Want to Wear. Halloween Earrings with Skeletons I posted these cute skeleton...

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Halloween Tees You’ll Want to Wear

In this post I’ve rounded up some Halloween tees you’ll want to wear. Graphic tees have been in style for a couple of years now. Including seasonal & holiday shirts too. So if you don’t have a t-shirt for Halloween yet, you really should consider purchasing one this year.

I’ve found Halloween tees with skeletons. Some with ghosts & ghouls. Halloween tees with a vintage vibe. Ones that are primarily witch-themed. And even some Halloween tees for teachers and nurses.

Halloween Tees with Skeletons

Halloween Tees with Skeletons

Dancing Skeletons Shirt – I ordered this cute skeleton shirt for myself to go with my gold dangle skeleton earrings. You can see some cute skeleton earrings on my post, Halloween Earrings You’ll Want to Wear.

OMG, Like I’m Literally Dead – Who can resist a skeleton shirt with coffee in each hand?

Never Better – My daughter chose this shirt. How funny is a skeleton giving a thumbs up from a coffin while saying, “Never Better?”

Skeleton Drinking Coffee – I don’t know what it is about skeletons drinking coffee that I love so much. I kinda wanted to order this Halloween tee too, but I restrained myself. But now I really want to go back and get it!

Get in Loser – A throwback to the movie “Mean Girls.” If you’re a fan of this movie, you’ll definitely be a fan of this Halloween tee.

Staying Alive – See what I mean about skeletons and coffee? They’re kinda irresistible if you’re a coffee drinker. Is anyone singing the Bee Gees song in your head right now, or is that just me?

Day of the Dead – There’s just something fun and bright about the Day of the Dead skulls. If you like bright colors, then you’ll like this shirt. You can find some super cute Day of the Dead skull earrings in this post.

Skeleton Drinking Coffee etc. – I added the “etc.” to this shirt because of the added jack-o-lanterns and the witch on the broom.

Halloween Tees with Ghosts & Ghouls

Ghost & Ghouls Halloween Tees

One Spooky Mama – a cute Halloween tee for all the Moms out there. I love the simplicity of this shirt with the different colors of orange.

Simple White Ghost – if you like your shirts a little more understated, then this black tee with the cute little ghost is just perfect for you.

I’m a Ghost. Duh. – How cute would this be to wear while handing out candy? Who needs a costume if you wear a shirt that spells it out in such a cute and sarcastic way?

It’s Tricky – If you grew up in the 80’s you’re already singing the chorus to Run DMC’s “It’s Tricky” song. You can watch the official music video here if you want a trip down memory lane.

Let’s Go Ghouls – I love the vintage vibe in this shirt’s lettering.

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun – the 80’s vibes are strong in this Halloween tee. Cause we all know that girls just wanna have fun! Right, Cyndi? You know I had to link the music video.

Spooky Dad – I had to throw in a shirt for the Dads.

Spooky Season – if you like the bleached shirts, then this Halloween tee is for you.

You can find some cute ghost earrings in my Halloween Earrings You’ll Want to Wear post.

Vintage Vibe Halloween Tees

Vintage Vibe Halloween Tees

Hocus Pocus – Any Hocus Pocus fans out there? I love the vintage vibes this Halloween tee is giving.

Stay Sweet – if you want to go for a more subtle Halloween tee then this one might be what you’re looking for.

Jack-o-Lantern & Black Cat – what’s not to love about this vintage tee. When I was a kid it was all about jack-o-lanterns and black cats. Maybe that’s why I like this one so much. You can check out some cute earrings to go with this shirt in this post.

Spooky Vibes – I love the spider web background and the font on this shirt.

Let’s Go Ghouls – the font of this shirt gives it a nice vintage feel.

Hocus Pocus– the stamp-like feel of this design is old-school


Spooky Vibes– a simple design keeps this shirt looking fashionable.

Halloween Night Movie Poster-the vintage feel is strong in this Halloween tee, especially if you like the old horror movies.

Let’s Get Creepy – Oh, Frankenstein, you’re so vintage.

Stay Spooky – stay spooky cute in this retro Halloween tee.

Halloween Tees with Witches

Halloween Tees with witches

Witch Please – We all know the phrase this comes from and while I don’t use that phrase, I do find this shirt amusing.

Buckle Up Buttercup, You Just Flipped My Witch Switch – There is just something about the “Buckle up Buttercup,” that makes me laugh.

Cheers Witches – Grab your hat, broom, and pumpkin spice latte for this cute shirt.

Hocus Pocus Orange Ink Shirt– If you’re a Hocus Pocus fan, you might be a fan of this Halloween tee.

Why Yes, I Can Drive a Stick – since my first car was a stick shift, I kinda want this tee.

Basic Witch – if you love your Starbucks coffee this could be your Halloween tee. And you have to see the matching earrings I found! Check them out here.

Hocus Pocus Vintage Tee – I love that this tee has the original Hocus Pocus actresses on it.

Sanderson’s Bed & Breakfast – don’t forget, children stay free!

Sanderson’s Sisters Brewing Co – if you’re a fan of Hocus Pocus and coffee, grab this Halloween tee.

Be sure to check out some cute witch earrings on my Halloween Earring You’ll Want to Wear post.

Halloween Tees for Nurses & Teachers

Halloween Tees for Nurses & Doctors

I’ll Just Wait Until It’s Quiet – what teacher hasn’t said this? And how cute to let your students know you’ll wait as long as it takes.

Little Ghost Boo Boo Crew – how sweet would this Halloween tee be for a pediatric nurse? Or there’s this shirt with 3 little boo crew ghosts on it.

You Can’t Scare Me I’m a Teacher – Isn’t this the truth?!

Nurse – a simple Halloween tee for the nurse. I love how the stethoscope turns into a witch’s broom.

All Teachers Love Brains – a funny Halloween tee for middle and high school teachers.

Will Trade Patients for Candy – I’m sure there are days any nurse would trade patients for candy and some peace and quiet. I love how the ghost is wearing a stethoscope.

Hocus Pocus Focus – elementary, middle, or high school teachers all need this shirt, especially if you like the movie.

Well, there you have it, ladies. Quite the selection of Halloween tees for you. You know which one I bought and which ones I wish I could buy, so which one is your favorite?

Until next time…

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