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Christmas Decor Home Tour

Merry Christmas and welcome to my not-so-fancy Christmas decor home tour. Let me start by saying that I don’t decorate every corner of my home for Christmas. In fact, the only reason I even put up more than one tree is that I want “my fancy tree” but we also need one for our traditional, keepsake ornaments.

I’m Just Gonna Be Upfront About Something…

I might as well tell you that Christmas is not my favorite holiday. (GASP!) If you read My Thanksgiving Home Decor Tour post, you’ll know I enjoy decorating for other holidays more than Christmas. I’m not really sure why that is. I do have some thoughts about why though –

Thought # 1 – It’s Too Busy.

I know most years I find the Christmas season is way too busy. I find it difficult to focus on why we celebrate Christmas, which is the birth of Jesus. I’ve actually enjoyed this 2020 holiday because it hasn’t been so busy. Why is it that everyone feels compelled to have concerts and get-togethers all during one month of the year? I know, “Bah Humbug,” right?

Thought #2 – My Mom Didn’t Really Decorate for Christmas

My mom was never into decorating for Christmas. In fact, I don’t remember us putting up a traditional tree after I turned 12 years old. Now that I’m a mom myself, I realize how much time it takes to decorate. Knowing that mom worked full time and was involved in the women’s ministry at our church more than likely she just didn’t have the time or energy to decorate. And I don’t feel like I missed out on one single thing by not having our home totally decked out for the Holidays.

I have to share two old pictures with you. You are going to laugh. Remember when I said I don’t remember my mom putting up a traditional tree after I turned 12 years old? The keyword is “traditional.” That’s right, she was known to have decorated a cactus and a ficus tree. I’m serious, people. I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

I’m thinking dad and I might not be smiling in the picture with the cactus because we felt ridiculous having a cactus as our Christmas tree. LOL. (Love you, mama!)

Anyway, maybe the business of the season and the fact that I didn’t grow up with a lot of Christmas decorations around make me less than excited to decorate for Christmas, but I still do.

I know some might browse through the pictures below and think my decorations are fancy and elaborate. And still, others will peruse my decor after being on a decorating blogger’s site and think my decor is a little blah. Heck, I think that about my decorations after looking at some blogger’s home tours!

But we have to decorate our homes in a way that feels good to us. A way that makes us happy when we look around. It shouldn’t be about what looks good to everyone else, but what looks good to you. It’s your home after all, right?

So, let’s get to my Christmas decor home tour. The things that makes me happy when I look around my house this time of year.

Front Porch

flower pot on front porch

This is the main decor on the front porch. My porch is narrow which makes it harder to decorate. If decorations get too close to the front door it makes it awkward to get in and out of the house. What’s the point of a welcoming front porch if it’s awkward to get in. It’s like saying, “Hello there. Welcome to our home. We really don’t want you to come inside, so we’ve made it difficult to get passed the glass door.” LOL

In case you’re curious, here is a time lapse video of me putting my planter together. You can see the hubs in the background putting clear lights in our little bushes that line the path to the front porch.

Below is a full picture of our front porch. As you can see, I have a set of lighted gift boxes and my Merry Christmas rug.

Holiday Mantel

I’m so pleased with how my mantel turned out this year! I like using decorations that are more wintery rather than straight up Christmas. This way, I can enjoy my mantel through the whole month of January. This is the first year I’ve decorated the mantel for Christmas. Last year was our first Christmas in the house and I was happy to get the trees up.

Christmas decor fireplace mantel

I’m pretty particular about the mantel. It’s the focus as soon as you walk in my front door, so I want it to jump out. Everything on the mantel is new this year. As you can tell, I went with trees as my theme. It all started in Kansas City when I found the three trees in the middle of the picture below at Remporium.

I fell in love with them and thought they would play beautifully off the colors in the painting.

glass trees on top of fireplace mantel

The two green trees I purchased from Michael’s along with the greenery and the snowflake string lights.

The little copper-colored tree and the small blue tree were purchased from the store in KC mentioned above. The hubs and I were literally walking out the door when I spotted the blue one, which then led to me seeing the copper one, which then led to another purchase at said store. LOL. Paul is so patient with me when we shop.

cream glass Christmas trees

And what about these creamy white beauties! I bought them online from Ballard Designs. I love how they look during the day when the battery operated lights are off.

blue glass Christmas decor

This big beautiful baby on the other end of the mantel I snagged at Home Goods.

snowlfake lights

I just love the dainty touch of the snowflake lights. From a distance, they look like regular lights. But as you get closer, you see the little white snowflakes. (Sigh) Plus I love how the lights bring out the colors of the three “milk glass style” tress in the middle of the mantel.

Other Christmas Decorations in the Living Room

With the mantel as my main focus, I just added small touches of Christmas goodness in other spaces of the room. In the first picture below you can see the tray on my ottoman/coffee table. A simple little tree (I purchased a set of three from Target), a glass of ornaments, and a picture of my sweet granddaughter playing with a strand of lights when she was about 14 months old.

In the background, you can see the beautiful globe with the nativity scene. I purchased it online from Plow & Hearth. I love that it has a timer function, so I don’t have to remember to turn it on and off. It can be used inside or outside. I purchased it knowing it was going inside my house.

The plaid pillow says “Peace & Joy.” I purchased it at Michael’s.

The next area is the console table on one side of the couch. It’s not my favorite spot as far as decorations go. It needs a little more, but that will have to wait till next year. I love using pictures from past Christmas’ in my decorations. When I look at them I smile and remember that moment captured in time.

The ceramic Santa was given to me by my Sister in Law many years ago.

I have to tell you a little bit about two of the pictures below. The first picture in the red frame is of my oldest son, Nathan holding a box of chocolate covered cherries. There is a sticky note on the box that says, “Cherries, just cherries?!”

The first Christmas after Paul and I were married, my Mom and Dad drove up the evening of Christmas with presents for the kids. My grandfather on my mom’s side, used to always give everyone a box of chocolate covered cherries for Christmas. My mom thought it would be fun to give each of the kids a box. They had other gifts from mom & dad too, but they were given the box of chocolate covered cherries first. While the two girls politely said, “Thank you,” Nathan looked at mom and said, “Cherries, just cherries?!” Poor kid, he thought that was all he was getting for Christmas from his grandparents. LOL! So now, I give him a box every year just for grins.

Christmas pictures on a table

The picture on the right is of Madelyn when she was maybe 3 years old. We had gone with Paul’s parents to visit the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha. Every year they have a 20-foot-tall poinsettia tree on display. I took this picture of Madelyn sitting in front of the poinsettia tree. When I look at this picture I remember visiting the gardens but it also brings back memories of how she would rub the edges of her “blankie.” She’s doing it in the picture. It also reminds me of the Hannah Andersson clothes Madelyn used to wear. They are the cutest, most comfortable clothes. The dresses and leggings are mismatched, yet coordinating patterns. I’ve even bought some for my granddaughters.

Music Room Christmas Decorations

Ah, the music room. It is one of my favorite rooms in the whole house, even when it’s not Christmas. This room holds my “fancy tree,” as Madelyn calls it. It’s red, black and gold themed.

Christmas decor
Christmas tree

The tree skirt is just sheer fabric in gold and red that I lay under the tree. I add the kid’s instrument ornaments under the tree for a sweet touch.

Christmas decor

Everything on the piano is new this year except the two reindeer. As you can see, I am going for the tree theme in the music room too. I love that I can simply put away the nativity scene and leave everything else out through January if I want to.

three gold trees with two reindeer

The set of three gold trees are from Ballard Designs. I looked on their website and didn’t find them, so they may have sold out.

nativity figurine

I came across the two trees in the back at Home Goods. They are solid glass and heavy. After I put them up, I felt like it needed something more, something brighter, so I picked up the lighted glass tree at At Home. When I turn it on at night it really brings out the colors in the trees behind it.

I found the statue of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus at Hobby Lobby this year. I love the simplicity of it.

Christmas Decor in the Kitchen

Our kitchen is on the small side and we don’t have much counterspace. I love how some people are able to add in some decorations on their counters, but that just isn’t in the cards for my little kitchen.

Kitchen Christmas decor

This is the little open cabinet above my stove and microwave. I added my Peggy Karr Santa plate and the Santa I painted while I was in graduate school. I added some greenery with little red berries to the copper pot. To continue the red theme I added a red ornament to the little tree I bought at Target and tucked the small red tree in front of the copper pot.

On my white shelf I simply added three trees and the cute little copper house I found at At Home. The little trees have a strand of battery operated fairy lights on them that are on a timer. I also added a set of lights inside the copper house as well.

Family Room Christmas Decor Home Tour

I have to be honest here, the only reason there is a tree on the lower level is to appease my daughter. Her bedroom is in the basement and she always has friends over to hang out. This year she pulled the “But this is my last Christmas at home” card on me. I told her she was just going to college and would be back for Christmas next year. LOL…kids.

Basement Christmas decor

Off to the left side of the tree is my stocking holder. I’ll tell you more about it below. The Joy to the World print hanging above the chest was purchased a few years ago from Etsy. Unfortunately, it looks like the store has closed. But I have purchased similar prints from The White Lime store on Etsy, so you should check them out. I took the print to Michael’s to have it framed and love how it turned out. The mat around the print is a red satin which really pops against the matte finish of the chalk print.

On top of the chest is a small portion of our LEGO Christmas Village collection. More about that later in the post.

Last year was our first year with this tree and all I did was have the kid’s put their ornaments on it. This year Madelyn requested I decorate it like I do the one upstairs. I snapped a picture of our couch so I could get ornaments and ribbon in the same color family, and off I went. I found all the ornaments and the tree skirt at At Home. The ribbon and other accent pieces came from Hobby Lobby.

For many years now, I have chosen not to hang our stockings on the mantel. It’s mainly because everyone’s stockings are different so they don’t look very coordinated hanging in a row. But I love the fact that everyones’ is unique to him/her.

A few years ago I ran across this DIY Christmas stocking holder on Pinterest. Paul whipped it up for me in his workshop (AKA the garage) and I love how it turned out.

Our LEGO Village

Oh, the LEGO Village…what can I say? My husband loves LEGOS and he passed his love for them on to our children. I think Carlton and Madelyn were in Kindergarten and Pre-K when Paul purchased their first village piece. He gave it to them on Thanksgiving Day. Every year LEGO designs a new set and it became a tradition in our house to purchase the new set every year and give it to the kids on Thanksgiving Day. I had a difficult time getting pictures, so I chose to do videos instead.

Kid’s Trees

Carlton & Madelyn both have little four-foot trees in their rooms. As you can see, there’s nothing fancy about them. They hang ornaments they made in school through the years or ones friends have given them.

Madelyn and I made this little angel tree topper together when she was probably 6 years old. I couldn’t find this exact one online, but did find this one that is very similar.

And look at that sweet little baby face in that ornament! That’s one of her precious school-made ones.

Christmas decor

This area is just a cute little thing I threw together for her this year. She has a VW Bug, so when I saw this box at Home Goods, I had to get it for her! Going off the colors on the box, I found these pink light up trees at At Home, the pink ornament candle at Home Goods, and the silver tree at Target.

And here is Carlton’s tree. He actually doesn’t have room for it in his bedroom, so it’s in the hallway right outside his room on the way to his bathroom. And look at those cute handmade ornaments from school!

Other Small Touches of Christmas Decorations Throughout the House

This year I wanted to add nativity scenes to my Christmas decorations. I’ve never really used nativity scenes in my decorations before because I haven’t found any that I like. But this year I was fortunate to find three – this one I ordered from Macy’s, the one on my piano I found at Hobby Lobby, and the light-up globe I found at Plow & Hearth.

nativity figurine

This figurine is on my black table in the entryway. Rather than just sitting the figurine on the table, I chose to use a gold charger plate, some greenery and 2 small gold ball ornaments. I love how the gold plate and ornaments draw your attention to the gold accents in the figurine.

You can see a few other simple touches I added around the house in the pictures above.

The first picture is in the hallway where we hang our coats. How cute is the Santa hat hanging there? Even Santa needs a place to hang his hat, right?

The second picture is just a simple tree from Target that I added a little ball ornament too. The little ceramic tree I found in the check out line at Home Goods. All that stuff around the check out lines will get ya every time, won’t it?

The third picture is a little set I put together on the dresser in the master bedroom. The tin with Santa on it is a Fossil watch box I pulled out of a drawer. LOL. Those are the only decorations in my room. I’m hoping to add a small tree in our room next year with some handmade ornaments of my grandmothers.

Well, there you have it, friends. My not-so-fancy Christmas home tour. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe picked up a few ideas for yourself.

Merry Christmas!



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