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My New Favorite Summer Accessory – Sunglasses Chains

Do you associate sunglasses chains with the 80’s or with little old ladies who wear readers? If you do, STOP! This little accessory is back in style big time, girls. And I am loving it!

I think we actually have COVID to thank for this little sunglass chain revival because people started wearing them as masks chains.

I’ve purchased several sunglasses chains that I want to share with you. I wear sunglasses year-round, so they’ll be a year-round accessory for me!

Why Sunglasses Chains Are My New Favorite Summer Accessory

Let me start by telling you that I am not one of those people that takes their sunglasses off and puts them in their case when I go into a store. They get tossed in my purse or I hang them on my shirt.

Tossing them in my purse means digging around for them when I leave the store, which is a pain. It also means my lenses get scratched.

Hanging them on my shirt means they fall off if I bend over to pick something up. I’ve had lenses fall out when my sunglasses hit the floor, not to mention the scratches to the lenses.

But with sunglasses chains, I just take off my shades and they hang around my neck! It is so convenient!! I also love that when I pull into a parking garage I can quickly lower them. And when I walk out of the garage and into the sun, I just pull them up cause they’re hanging around my neck!

I’ve found some really cute chains, so let’s get to it!

Sunglasses Chain with Shells

If you know me, you know I absolutely love the beach. It’s my happy place. I also love collecting seashells and wearing beach-themed jewelry. So these went in my Amazon cart right away.

Below is an up-close picture of the chain and a picture of what it looks like hanging around my neck.

I will tell you that I had to take a pair of pliers and squeeze the gold piece on each side of the chain that adjusted the size of the rubber band that you put around your sunglasses stems. The gold pieces kept sliding down on the rubber band which would cause the chain not to stay connected to my shades. It took about 10 seconds, so no biggie, and totally worth it to me.

Sunglasses Chain with Muli-Colored Seed Beads

Below are some different views of this chain for you. You can see how the beads stand out a little more with the white shirt.

Sunglasses Chain with Translucent Silver/Grey Beads

All of the shades I’m wearing in this post are old ones except the pair in this picture and another pair I’ll be wearing with the next chain. This pair of shades is from Guardian Looks. The frames are well made and the lenses offer 100% UV and UVB protection. You can use my code JENNIFERK50 for 50% off your purchase.

I actually think this particular chain would stand out more with a pair of colored sunglasses, but I don’t have any.

Below are some additional views for you.

Sunglasses Chains with White, Gold & Multicolored Seed Beads

This chain might be my 2nd favorite after the seashell one. I think the gold sunglasses bring out the little gold seed beads in the chain. And the white seed beads just pop!

These sunglasses are my other new pair this summer. I bought them from my friend, Brea at Chaxel, an online boutique based in California. She still has a few pairs of these shades available, so go check out her website.

Below are some more views of this chain for you.

So, if a girl has all these cute shades with sunglasses chains, where can she store them all? In a sunglasses carrying case! Check out mine below.

Sunglasses Carrying Case

I love this thing, girls! It folds up into a small box and has 2 snaps to hold it closed.

I have these bag hooks attached to the back of my passenger side seat, so I just hang the carry case on one for easy accessibility.

bag clips
Bag Hooks for Car

So, what do you think? Are sunglasses chains something you can get into? Let me know in the comments below! And be sure to check out my other posts!

And until next time…



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