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Can Setting Spray Make Your Makeup Mask Proof?

Are you tired of half of your makeup coming off on your mask? Me too. I thought I was just destined to “deal with it,” until I heard someone say the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray pretty much made your makeup mask proof.

Having only used a sample of NYX setting spray before, I had to see if the mask proof rumors were true. So I drove to my local Sephora (shout out to the Lincoln Sephora at Southpointe Pavilions) and grabbed myself a bottle. I also bought a few other items. You can read about those on my New Year’s Day Sephora Haul.

I put it to the test for a few days and thought I’d share my findings.

But first, let me tell you that I work in my husband’s surgery practice, so not only does my mask stay on for long periods of time, I am also pulling it down under my chin and back up over my nose and mouth a lot too. So it’s safe to say my face was a good guinea pig.

Here is a picture of my mask after one day in the office with NO setting spray.

makeup on mask with not setting spray
No Setting Spray

Is the setting spray mask proof? Here’s what I found.

The setting spray definitely helps keep your makeup in place even when wearing a mask. The main place I saw a small dab of makeup on my mask was right where it hits the bridge of my nose, the tops of my cheeks, and just a smidgeon on the bottom sides of my mask at my chin. Here’s a picture of my mask while wearing the Charlotte Tilbury setting spray.

Mask using the Charlotte Tilsbury Setting Spray

Let’s do a side by side comparison, just for grins and giggles. I edited both of these images with the same preset, and this isn’t an affiliate post.

Over the course of testing the spray for five days, I noticed something else.

The type of primer you wear also affects how well the setting spray works in making your makeup mask-proof.

The Types of Primer I Used

I have four different types of primer that I use. I know, you’re wondering why I have that many primers.

Well, my initial primer purchase was a Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer which I love to use in the winter when my skin tends to need a little more moisture.

But in the summer, a hydrating primer tends to make my face a little oily, so I switched to Laura Mercier’s regular primer.

(Side note, Laura Mercier has changed their primer formulations and doesn’t carry either of the primers I’m referring to in this post.)

Recently, I’ve really started noticing the pores on my face getting larger. Getting old stinks! Angie over at Hot & Flashy recommended Beauty Blender The Leveler Primer to fill in pores, so I had to try it out. I bought it along with the setting spray on My New Year’s Day Sephora Haul. It is a great primer that is silicone-based.

The fourth and final primer I have is by Maybelline. It’s the Master Prime 300 Primer + Base to Blur and control redness. It is a nice primer, but don’t know that it does a great job at blurring redness though.

What I Noticed

When I wore primer with a silicone base (The Beauty Blender Primer) or a hydrating primer, more makeup came off on my mask. There was still a big difference from not using any setting spray though. Here’s a pic for you –

Mask after wearing a hydrating based primer with the setting spray

When I wore the other two primers, neither silicone based or advertised as hydrating, I got less makeup on my mask. Let’s do a side by side comparison-

Final Findings – Does the setting spray make your makeup mask proof?

I would say, yes, for the most part.

While you are still going to get some makeup on your mask, you will see a big difference between not using a setting spray and using a setting spray.

The types of primer that seem to work better for making the setting spray even more mask proof are non silicone based primers and primers not labeled as hydrating.

I hope this post has helped. It’s so frustrating to do your makeup only to have half of it come off on your mask. Can I get an “amen” ladies?

If you’ve found any tips and tricks to make your makeup mask proof, comment below and let me know!



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